ACETECH AC6000 Chronograph with LCD Readout Display : Beastpro

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This is one of the best chronographs we have found .... its super fast, accurate, has a nice large reading hole and has the ability to show multiple readings on one screen which is what we like. It also has the ability for external power via usb which is handy. We use a usb hooked to a phone battery bank lasts for ever!


  • Measures Muzzle Velocity from 30 m/s ~ 400 m/s (90 ft/s ~ 1200 ft/s).
  • ROF range: 100~6000RPM
  • Ammo parameter setting: 5 memory slots
  • User-friendly interface with 128*128 pixel OLED in white color
  • 25 shot memory slots for velocity and ROF (Rate Of Fire)
  • Auto-calculate MAX, MIN, AVG by shot memory
  • Energy Per Unit Area Calculation
  • Extra large tube (diameter 36mm)
  • Support Micro-USB(5V/0.5A) power input(no battery charge function) or Use AAA battery*4
  • Tripod Ready mounting hole (Screw for standard camera / camcorder tripods )

Color: Grey
Dimensions: 130mm X 108mm X 61mm
Battery: USB micro power or 4X AAA
Material: Polymer

Manufacturer: ACETECH