BeastPro Upgrade: 7pc Gold PREMIUM Nylon Gears, GEL GUN BLASTER MKM2 M4 SCAR ak47 etc

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We have done all the hard work and spent a lot of money in research for you and these parts that I am now selling are the best and will be the right type of upgrade that will give you the best benefits. These parts are limited so first in first served.

## 7 PC Gold PRO Full nylon gear set. These have been tested to perfection above expectations. ##

Any stripping of gears will be from incorrect installation of gears or other parts or a failure somewhere else.
Please use new gearbox screws when installing and make are the gears are working correctly by found a manual rotation by hand.
Make sure your plunger is heavily lubricated with correct oil.
The most common problem with stripped gears is the gearbox halves not screwed back together properly due to the original screws not holding. I've seen this happen a hundred times. Make sure these is zero gap between your gearbox halves and all screws tighten with a bite and they should tighten hard.

# 7pc Gold Nylon PRO Gear Set
Please lubricate on installation
# Best practice to do the bearings when you install the gears.