BeastPro Upgrade: M4A1 GEN8 / SCAR V2 / DIRECT BARREL FIT Beast ADC PRO 2019 Hopup +Distance +Accuracy GEL BALL GUN

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Low Guido's chop Shop favourite hopup. Designed and manufactured by us. 2.5 years of testing and improvements.

Can attach directly to any 7.5mm inner barrel. We use them to hide inside suppressor etc. They are very little and can fit tight spaces. 

The BEAST ADC Pro 2019 Fits the new JM M4A1 Gen8 out of the box (and upgraded) and works amazing.

Hop-up is the back-spin put on the gel balls to increase their range via the Magnus effect. A Hop-up  puts backspin on the gel balls reducing the air pressure on its top side.

Tested to work well with 1.2mm spring upgrade

We have done all the hard work and spent a lot of money in research for you and these parts that I am now selling are the best and will be the right type of upgrade that will give you the best benefits. These parts are limited so first in first served. 

--Use with 7-8mm balls 
# BEAST ADC 2019 latest HopUp upgrade for the HK416 MKM2, m4 Terminator, SCAR and lots of others. I can't stress enough how much of a difference this thing makes. 
# Increase distance and accuracy A LOT! 
# Forces the balls to back spin. Also can Control left a right swing by rotating it. 
# Eliminates bullet arc. 
# You will need the 290mm Alloy Barrel. (will also need a T-Piece) on M4 Term SCAR etc
# JM M4A1 GEN8 G8, MKM2, m4, SCAR + more. 
# 7.5mm inner 9.5mm outer. 
#Black and red colour 

☠These give such a great advantage it's literally unfair for anyone else without one☠