BeastPro FULL UPGRADE PACK SCAR V1 (JinMing) + AMMO + GIFTS Gel Ball Gun

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This upgrade pack will fit a lot of gearboxes (blue trigger, black trigger, JinMing boxes)

----> SELECT THE 370 BLUE 70,000 rpm MOTOR

<<< BONUS 1 -- NOW includes 20,000 BEAST PRO COMP BALLS >>> 
<<< BONUS 3 --  Now includes NYLON GEARS >>>

# Turn your average gel gun into something you can actually play Skirmishes with at a decent distance. 
# Should expect to reach distances up to and beyond 50 Meters with my ammo correctly grown and Hopup adjusted correctly. 
# Expect a HUGE! performance increase up from stock. 80+fps increase on stock factory feet per second. 45 meter+ distance with Hopup set right. 
# Rounds per second off the charts! 

We have done all the hard work and spent a lot of money in research for you and these parts that I am now selling are the best and will be the right type of upgrade that will give you the best benefits. These parts are limited so first in first served. 

You will get the "WOW FACTOR" Guaranteed!! 

You will get..... 

1. Red devil 370 motor 49,000 rpm @ 7.4v (Various Colours)
2. ADC PRO HopUp 2018 
3. My help if you need it 
4. Alloy COMP Barrel 29cm 
5. 1.4mm unequal Spring 
6. GOLD 7PC Full Nylon gear set (bonus 3)
7. T-Piece thick 
8. 6 x Bearings
9. XXX O'Ring Pro Plunger 
10. SHOCK stop kit(smooth operation) 
11. Plunger o/s Silicon TIP 
12. Strong return spring 
13. 11x gearbox screws 
14. 20,000 beast Pro comp balls (bonus 1)
15. Hard Plastic Gear Set (bonus 2)
Any questions send me a msg 

Note1: this is a full kit and will require you to be able to do the modifications ... im here to help before you do it ask questions !! ask questions!! Once you have done it once its easy as!! 
Note2: Msg me about if you are not capable of doing the mods and we can work something out.

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