BeastPro Upgrade: B3 11.1v and 7.4v Lipo Charger

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ImaxRC B3 Compact Charger SPECIFICATION:

  • Input voltage: AC 240V
  • Balance charge current: 850mA
  • Display: Green & Red LED
  • Case: Plastic
  • Max charge power:10W
  • Charge for 2~3 cell LiPo battery

ImaxRC B3 Compact Charger OPERATION

1. Please firstly connect the B3 Compact Charger to power, while the three power LEDs will turn into green, which indicating that the charger is ready to work.

2. Secondly, please connect the battery pack to the charger balance port, while the three power LEDs will all turn into red and charging process begins.

3. When the three power LEDs all turn green, the charging process is finished.