Crazy Off Tap 11.1v lipo Battery TURNIGY 50c Discharge M4A1 GEN8 GEN9 MKM2 G36 SCARUMP HK416 KUBLAI etc : BeastPro Upgrade

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Top quality 11.1v lipo battery best we have tested to date 

Grab some cheap RPS....Once you go 11.1v won't go back to 7.4v ....

This sucker packs some punch and from initial testing should last the better part of your mil sim or Skirmish

M4A1 GEN8 GEN9 MKM2 G36 SCAR V1,V2 UMP45 HK416 KUBLAI BD556 MUR TTM SLR+ lots lots more

Comes with normal blaster connection, let us know if you want the tamiya or DEANS