M4A1 GEN8 / SCARv2 NdFeB ChiHai 460 TORQUE MOTOR -- INSANE FACTOR-- gel ball gun blaster : BEAST UPGRADE

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Upgraded NdFeB ChiHai RED 460 TORQUE MOTOR motor ... want the absolute best ... you found it!

Torque off the charts

HUGE NdFeB Magnets

Run this baby @ 11.1v !!

We have done all the hard work and spent a lot of money in research for you and these parts that I am now selling are the best and will be the right type of upgrade that will give you the best benefits. These parts are limited so first in first served.

# M4A1 GEN8 / SCARv2 / UMP45 / MP5V2 / M4SS Upgraded NdFeB ChiHai 460 MOTOR

*These mods i would classify as easy on the GEN8