BeastPro UPGRADE: M4A1 GEN8 Upgrade Pack (No:1) Gel Ball Gun. Barrel, T-Piece, Spring, Hopup 11.1v Battery Opt

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You will get the "WOW FACTOR" 

Easy to install

We prefer the 1.2mm spring upgrade it is sweet spot and Hopup works great!

1.3mm spring is powerful (300fps) and will decrease the life of your standard gears. Hopup still work great.. I have added in the option to choose 1.3mm as well. Please select it if you want it.

You get the same performance out of this pack as a SCAR(JM) with the full Beast Upgrade Pack.

Select the 11.1v Battery option and save $8 off the Red 11.1v 1800mah battery

11.1v battery is 3 cell .... here is charger 

You will get..... 
1. Alloy barrel 
2. M4A1 T-Piece  
3. 2018 Hopup  ADC/DK
4. 1.2mm spring

Any questions send me a msg 

# This is a kit and will require you to be able to do the modifications (they are very easy)... I am here to help before you do it ask questions !! ask questions!! Otherwise get the Installation Ticket HERE